Introducing an AP Micro Resource Pack [#24]

And a few other Notion templates, even if you're not specifically taking AP Micro.

Introducing an AP Micro Resource Pack [#24]

Hey everyone! I've spent the past week working on a resource pack for AP Microeconomics. That's been my main focus for this week, so I didn't have time to write an article. If you're a high school student, check out the guide here.

If you know a high school student, please share the Notion guide with them! I genuinely think it's very helpful. Also, I've created other templates like an AP Exam Organizer and an AP Exam Study Timeline, if you'd like to check those out.

Now, onto some links of the week!

Aleksandr Karelin (Wikipedia) — Take a moment to think of the most dominant athlete that you can think of (in any sport). Who comes to mind? Maybe LeBron James, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, or Serena Williams? Well, you should consider Aleksandr Karelin, who weighed 12 pounds at birth. He has a win/loss record of 887 to 2. What sport did he compete in? Greco-Roman wrestling. His Wikipedia page is a crazy read.

Atomic Chess ( — If you aren't super into normal chess, I'd recommend checking out Atomic Chess. It's like normal chess, except every piece contains enough nuclear material to cause a 3x3 explosion every time a capture occurs. This chess variant is great because you can blow up your opponent's king and the World Nuclear Association won't ask you any questions.

The Global Chessboard (Substack) — A super intriguing piece on how geography affects the development (and success) of empires. There's a reason why the US is so successful: one, it has a ton of natural barriers (so low risk of an invasion); and two, transporting goods by water is super duper cheap (and the US has tons of easily navigable waterways).