The tools I use to score well on my APs [#28]

Nathan's recommendations: including both physical and online tools!

The tools I use to score well on my APs [#28]

So I'm a high school student, and so I've taken quite a few APs. I've scored pretty well on them, too (gotten 4s and 5s on all of them). There are a few tools (online & physical) that work pretty well for my studying, and today I'll share them with you!

Physical: Notebook

I use the Five Star Spiral Notebook for all of my school notes, and it works spectacularly. The graph-ruled pages are super great for math and physics APs, and they work well for complex drawings and diagrams. This is a solid notebook that will last you a while, and it only costs $10.

Physical: Pens

I really like these black Muji clicker pens. Now $14.90 for a pack of 10 pens may seem expensive, but just wait till you feel how these pens write. They are seriously so smooth. In general, they are just nice pens that'll last you a while.

Physical: Calculator

I use the TI-84 Plus CE calculator for my math & science APs. This calculator clocks in at $110, which is pretty expensive. I like this calculator better than its TI-84 Plus counterpart (~$95 on Amazon), because the TI-84 Plus CE has a better-looking display and nicer buttons. I highly recommend this calculator, but only if you're taking a math or science AP (where they are required).

Online: Google Sheets

Ever heard the adage that the "world runs on spreadsheets"? It's true! Most of the economy probably relies on Excel in some capacity. But my world also runs on spreadsheets. I love using Google Sheets ($0 if you have a Google account) to organize my student life — especially when I need to track the FRQs and MCQs that I've completed.

Online: Desmos

The Desmos graphing calculator is seriously awesome, especially if you're taking a math AP and need to learn about differentiation or integration or something. Desmos was a lifesaver when I was taking Calc AB. Plus, it's free ($0).

Online: Notion

For the past school year, I've used Notion a ton — especially to study for my APs. Notion is like the combination of LEGO bricks and a Swiss-made watch. Notion allows you to craft notes and workflows with the inherent creativity of LEGO bricks, but also just works consistently like a Swiss-made watch. Plus, Notion is free ($0) if you make an account.

I've actually created a few Notion templates for you – if you'd like to try them out! Here are some of them:

AP Exam Organizer

Stay organized by storing all of your AP information and notes in one clean, streamlined database. The AP Exam Organizer (free) is designed to be simple yet flexible as you tailor the template to your own needs and AP classes.

AP Stats Resource Pack

A comprehensive list of unit resources, exam information, and exam tips to help you ace your AP Stats exam. The AP Stats Resource Pack (free) is streamlined, clean, and designed to stay out of your way.

AP Exam Study Timeline

A pack of three base timelines to plan your study schedule for all of your APs. The AP Exam Study Timeline (free) is easy-to-use and fully customizable!

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