ChatGPT is very funny – especially when you ask it about bananas [#21]

ChatGPT invents a questionable sandwich (and a pastry), writes a Taylor Swift song, and revolutionizes the construction industry.

ChatGPT is very funny – especially when you ask it about bananas [#21]

It's quite challenging to come across good humor in today's world. Fortunately, ChatGPT can be really funny, especially when you give it good prompts.

I've used ChatGPT 3.5 (the free version) for my prompts, and the answers are just a little bit... bananas. Enjoy!

1. Professional Sandwich Chef

I'm not very good at cooking, so here I've asked ChatGPT to be a professional chef and build me a three-ingredient sandwich using ONLY the ingredients in my fridge. I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow!

I’m not sure if “whole-wheat bread adds a satisfying crunch” to my sandwich, but hey, I'm not an expert like ChatGPT obviously is. Also, is “mashing a ripe banana in a small bowl until it forms a spreadable paste” a good cooking tip in general?

“The sweetness of the banana pairs surprisingly well with the slightly bitter taste of the broccoli.” I'd say the jury is still out on that one.

2. A Sweet Taylor Swift Single

I suppose that ChatGPT won't replace Swift's songwriting prowess anytime soon. I would, however, pay so much money to see Taylor Swift perform this song.

Here are some notable lyrics:

  • "From smoothies to bread, you're so versatile" – I understand smoothies... but bread seems a little bit weird.
  • "I'll always love you to the core" – last time I checked, bananas don't have cores. Try again, ChatGPT!
  • "In a bunch or all alone" – so, multiple bananas or a single banana?

Quick question for all the Swifties: if this were an actual Taylor Swift song, which of her 10 albums would the song fit best into? Tell me on Twitter.

3. Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Hey, architects – have you ever considered using bananas in the construction of your skyscraper? Here are some reasons you should:

  • "[bananas] are incredibly strong and durable, thanks to the natural fibers found within their peels." – if bananas are incredibly strong and durable, why can't I also consume steel and concrete?
  • "using [bananas] in construction could reduce the amount of traditional building materials needed" – sure, but you'd need tens of thousands of bananas to construct a one-story shack.
  • "imagine being able to boast that your building is the first of its kind, constructed with innovative and sustainable materials like bananas." – you're right, ChatGPT: bananas are truly so innovative.

I would hire ChatGPT as a construction engineer any day of the week.

4. Creating a Banana Pastry

ChatGPT is hilariously terrible at following directions. Some examples:

  • "1/2 cup of almond flour (A substitute for P)" – I am almost certainly sure  "almond" starts with an A.
  • "1/4 cup of pure maple syrup (Mixture of B and P) – what does this mean??? Sure, "pure maple syrup" starts with P, but why does it say that "pure maple syrup" is a mixture of B and P??
  • "1 tsp of vanilla extract (V, a substitute for T) – no comment.

ChatGPT also wants me to combine all of my ingredients in a mixing bowl. Is pastry baking really this easy? I should become a pastry chef.

The cherry on top: suggesting that I "top [this banana pastry] with sliced bananas" – as if I didn't already use 2 ripe bananas in my recipe.