College updates!! [#60]

I finally made a decision!

College updates!! [#60]


I am very excited to announce where I'm going to college. I wrote 80+ college essay drafts, applied to 15 colleges, and spent around 4 months of my life devoted to the process of college admissions. Now I'm done. I took a few months to make my final decision, but last Friday, I submitted my enrollment deposit to... (drum roll please!)

I hope you can identify the campus from this picture!

UT Austin!! WOOOOOOOOO hook 'em horns!!!!!!!

Two more bits of info:

  1. I'll major in mathematics — hopefully, I can take some finance/CS/stats classes to lean towards applied math, as opposed to pure math. (If I went the pure math direction, I would likely end up as a teacher, professor, or minimum-wage barista. None of those options are very appealing. Applied math should give me more career opportunities.)
  2. I'll live on campus for at least my first year. I'm super psyched about that, because not even all freshmen are guaranteed on-campus housing at UT Austin! (BTW: if you are even thinking about applying to UT Austin next year, apply for the on-campus housing as soon as it opens on August 1st. Trust me.)

I am psyched. Austin is an amazing city, too. I'm personally not a big fan of the live music (I don't like crowds & ACL makes traffic suck), but the food is amazing and it's impossible to run out of fun things to do.

So... if you're a UT student next fall, come find me on campus among the 40k+ undergrads! Anyway, that's my April update. I should (hopefully) publish another article next Saturday, since I am rapidly finishing up all of my senior year courses.

This bears repeating, though: I'm going to college!!! wooooooo!!!!!!